Potato snack poca will officially become Lay’s in Viet Nam in 2019

Poca and Lay’s are two brands belonging to PepsiCo Group with standard quality of PepsiCo Global.

  • Poca is a domestic brand, used in Vietnam for Potato Snack products, Snack Flavors and  Fishskin Peanut
  • Lay’s is an international brand, used globally for Potato Snack products.

In 2019, PepsiCo Vietnam decided to change Snack Potato product line brand into Lay’s brand to have the same name to sync with the global name, as well as providing Vietnamese consumers with the experiences and interesting activities simultaneously with all the countries that Lay’s is present.

Only Potato Snack Poca product lines will change into Lay’s brand. The others such as Snack Flavors and Fishskin Peanut will keep its current Poca brand.

Besides, Poca Vietnam Fanpage (Poca Vietnam Official) will change its name to Lay’s Vietnam, the new website is www.laysvietnam.com. Hotline 1900 636327 remains the same.