PepsiCo Foods Vietnam Company

PepsiCo Foods Vietnam with more than 10 years of operation, is one of the leading food manufacturers in Vietnam with the main brand Poca and more than 300 employees throughout the country.

The mission PepsiCo Foods proposed is:
“Become a leading company in the production of snacks”

We are incessantly seeking and creating positive financial outcome for our investors, development opportunities and many economic benefits to employees, business partners and the communities where we operate.

We always strive to operate on the basis of honesty, fairness and integrity in all our actions.

24/12/1991 – International Beverage Company (IBC) was established by a joint venture between Marcondray – Singapore and the SPCo at the rate of 50% – 50% equity. The company conducted its beverage factory in Hoc Mon district.

1994 – PepsiCo took part in the Vietnam market with two brands – Pepsi and 7Up. PepsiCo ventured with capital accounted for 30%.

1998 – PepsiCo bought 97% stake, increased its capital to 110 million dollars while SPCo took 3% of venture.

2003 – PepsiCo bought the remaining 3% stake, renamed the company into International Beverages PepsiCo Vietnam and launched more brands: Aquafina, Sting, Twister, Lipton Ice Tea.

2004 – The International Beverage Company PepsiCo Vietnam had the largest market share in beverage industry in Vietnam.

2005 – The International Beverage Company PepsiCo Vietnam has the largest market share in the carbonated soft drinks sector in Vietnam and launched its first food product – Poca brand snack.

2007 – PepsiCo developed its soy milk sector.

2008 – PepsiCo inaugurated the first food factory in Binh Duong, launched its Poca product produced from fresh potatoes, Lipton green tea products, Poca Extruded,…

2009 – PepsiCo inaugurated the beverage factory at Can Tho, launched its products including Pepsi; Mirinda; 7up PET 500 ml; Twister pineapple, kiwi; shrimp chips; grilled beef with five spices; lobster mixed butter, garlic; roasted peking duck.

2011 – PepsiCo Vietnam became BU, started construction of the largest food and beverage factory at Southeast Asia’s in Bac Ninh, launched Twister apple, Poca Football Party and Cheetos barbecue bombs.

2012 – PepsiCo opened the beverage factory in April in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, inaugurated its food and beverage factory in Bac Ninh, launched twisties products, …

23/10/2012 – PepsiCo ventured with Suntory Holdings Limited (Suntory) with capital contributed by 40% of Pepsi and 51% of Suntory.

21/02/2013 – Establishment of Limited Liability Companies Food PepsiCo Vietnam

PepsiCo core values are corporate’s standard of value and global ethical behaviors. These values are the guidelines in all our cultural and business activities, which do not just stop at the slogan, but have gone into the daily life of employees, managers, companies and corporations.

We are committed to providing our employees with a fair, honest, humane and culturally diverse working environment in which human factors are one of the most important factors.

Besides, we also focus on organizing entertaining and healthy activities helping employees manage their work-life balance.

In addition, the fact that the company’s concern is not only to employees but also to their relatives and to the community we are living in is showcased through an abundance of programs such as organization of health survey, inheritance planning, KUDOS rewards, integration programs for new employees “Lighthouse”, health insurance and Helping Hands  charitable programs,…

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